PowerPlant Radio Organisation is a 24/7 Nonstop on Rock & Metal based internet radio station, arose from the preference for the loudest musical guitar sounds...

The music you hear on PowerPlant Radio Organisation will therefore consist mainly of Rock & Metal (in various genres) here that you'll undoubtedly hear passing by the loudest sounds in Rock & Metal area....
PowerPlant Radio Organisation is now already appreciated by many Rock & Metal fans and listened and this number continues to grow, it shows that Rock & Metal fans entails and appreciation for this 24/7 PowerPlant Radio Station.
You can expect the music on PowerPlant Radio Org. entirely is not played on the most other radio stations, and promotion of new Rock & Metal Albums, Releases, Bands and Artists are priority.

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Music Promotion Possibilities

Powerplant Radio haves various possibilities to promote and to give extra attentions to new Rock / Metal songs, albums and bands / artists.

Weekly we have the POWERPLANT KILLER TRACK!!! , chosen or suggested by listeners every week and listened to every 2 hours.Also we have the NEW RELEASES!!!, the newest songs and releases every 3 hours on Powerplant Radio.

The BAND AND ALBUM TIP!!! is playing every 4 hours a song from unknown or lesser known bands or artists to publicize and draw attention to this as well.

Every month we have the FAVOURITE ALBUM!!!. the most favourite albums, chosen by listeners and plays a track from this album or band all month, every 3 hours

Band, Artists, Music or Event Advertising on Powerplant Radio

Rock / Metal / Alternative Rock Bands, Artists or Rock / Metal Events have the possibilities to placing your band, event or music in the spotlight via Powerplant Radio, we now offer you the opportunity to do this completely free of charge via an advertising spot. promote and broadcast every day through the programs on the 3 Powerplant Radio Channels.

What to do for this

Send us a self-recorded audio MP3 clip of approximately 1 minute to E-mail: promotions@powerplantradio.org and we will ensure that your promotional clip is broadcast regularly on the Powerplant Radio Channels.

Band and artist promotions are of paramount importance to Powerplant Radio. That is why we can make you this free offer partly because Powerplant Radio does not work with a profit motive.

Keep On Rocking and We Play It Loud!!!

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