Welcome to PowerPlant Radio Organisation

PowerPlant Radio is an nonstop Rock & Metal internet radio station, located in Toronto, Canada, managed, owned and powered by Streemlion, broadcasting and promoting 24/7 Rock and Metal from all over the world without restrictions. Since been we have built up a succesfull station and have existed several listeners from all over the world know to find us...

At the moment we are getting more and more listeners every day and also artists and bands who care about the sound of Powerplant Radio.

The registrations for airplay and music promotions by record companies and bands / artists are also increasing every day, for which of course our heartfelt thanks, we as Powerplant Radio are committed to promoting your music in our own successful way.

PowerPlant Radio Organisation, Powerplant Classic Rock Radio and Powerplant Radio Europe are 24/7 nonstop Canadian and German radio stations, the stations with its own appearance, it's own programs, its own music, it's own music style, (Rock & Metal), it's own fans, it's own Social Media groups and fanpages, and it's own category listeners.

Powerplant Radio, 24/7 Radio Active Rock & Metal Power, we make the difference...


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Powerplant Favourite Album!!!:

The Exploding Boy - Alarms!

PowerPlant Killer Track!!!:

Black House Hill - Saviour

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