PowerPlant Radio
Powerplant radio Laut.FM
Powerplant Classic Rock Laut.FM

PowerPlant Radio, 24/7 Radio Active Metal Power is a Canadian Nonstop 24 Hour Rock / Metal based Radio Station with the loudest Rock and Metal sounds ...
Powerplant Radio Laut.FM is a German 24/7 Nonstop Rock & Metal station with the hardest Rock & Metal Sounds...
Powerplant Classic Rock Laut.FM is a German 24/7 Nonstop Classic Rock Radio Station

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PowerPlant Open Air

The PowerPlant Open Air Rock and Metal Festival is a suggestion from PowerPlant Entertainment NL in cooperation with Powerplant Radio and Open Air Theater Engbergen. The second episode of Powerplant Open Air 2020 is coming 26 September 2020 in the Open Air Theater Engbergen in Voorst (Gendringen) Netherlands.

Order your Tickets now:

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Powerplant Open Air Bookings

Powerplant Radio is fully working together with Powerplant Open Air

For bookings on Powerplant Open Air or other Powerplant Events, send an email to: Powerplant Bookings.
Powerplant Open Air is a part of Powerplant Entertainment NL

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New Programs

Midnight Madness

Powerplant Radio has a new program on Friday night from 8 pm to 12 am (20:00 to 24:00 hr.CET) (2 pm - 6 pm CT) you can listen to Midnight Madness with DJ Michael Tiffany.

POWERPLANT Radio Org....

Powerplant Radio has 3 Rock / Metal based Radio Channels...

Listen If You Dare and PLAY IT LOUD!!!